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Fire Drive™ by OralX Corporation 
Fire Drive™ by OralX™ Corporation contains an herbal blend and the essential amino acid L-Tyrosine, to ensure the nervous system is firing on all cylinders! 

Is It True That OralX Brands Is the ORIGINAL “ORAL PASTE” For Horses?
Yes!! Over 40 years ago, OralX Brands started the  FIRST “oral pastes” to help horse owners get nutrients into their horses in the fastest, most absorbable way!  OralX Corporation is family owned and operated, manufacturing its products in the foothills of the rocky mountains. We are the original oral paste, created to help provide a simple cost-effective solution for you and your livestock. We have been providing quality products for 40 years to help keep your animal healthy and achieving their peak performance.

Why Should I Consider an Oral Paste?
Supplements in your feed bucket are nice, but not always eaten or absorbed, in addition, there are times when your horse is out in heat or cold and being asked to perform at top levels. Having an oral paste that can be immediately absorbed into the body to help with speed, recovery, nutrients or comfort, can be a huge and beneficial boost to your horse— and that is why OralX Brands are so popular today!

Need for Speed? Try Our FIRE DRIVE
Being the best right out of the gate takes more than muscle. Fire Drive contains an herbal blend and the essential amino acid L-Tyrosine to ensure the nervous system is firing on all cylinders. Stay on your mark before you get set and go!      

Simply feed contents onto back of horse’s tongue. Amount is determined by one mark on the plunger for every 100 lbs. of body weight. Feed 2 to 4 hours prior to competition or event. Use as a source of L-Tyrosine and herbal extracts to help support energy metabolism, maintain nervous system functioning, and to stay focused in stressful conditions.   

Ingredients: Water, L-Tyrosine, Herbal Extracts (Gotu Kola Extract, Ginger Root Extract), Corn Oil, Xanthan Gum, Sorbic Acid (Preservative), Natural Flavors — Only $7.99

Barn Cough or Allergies a Problem? Minta Lyptus is The ANSWER!              
When you’re kickin’ up dirt, things get a little dusty. Minta Lyptus contains a unique blend of peppermint and eucalyptus oils to provide temporary relief from irritations caused by dry conditions and close quarters. There’s nothing quite like a breath of fresh air.  

Feed contents onto back of horse’s tongue. Amount is determined by one mark on the plunger for every 100 lbs. of body weight.  Use as a source of peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil for temporary relief of minor cough and throat irritation caused by dusty environments, stabling, and seasonal allergies   

Ingredients: Peppermint Oil 1500 mg , Eucalyptus Oil 750 mg.
Only $6.89

Looking To Replenish Nutrients? Our ElectroPlex Is The Answer!
When your horse is working hard or it’s just plain hot outside, sweat happens. Our best-seller, Electro-Plex, replenishes the electrolytes and nutrients that are lost in the process. In addition to providing electrolyte balance, this product helps induce your horse to drink water. Stay hydrated. It’s gonna be a hot one out there.         

Feed contents onto back of horse’s tongue. Amount is determined by one mark on the plunger for every 100 lbs. of body weight. For horses in training and competition, feed one tube weekly. Product may be given 24–36 hours prior to an event and one hour after an event to replenish nutrients lost during exercise. 

Ingredients: Water, Minerals (Potassium Amino Acid Complex, Magnesium Amino Acid chelate, Calcium Amino Acid Chelate, Salt), Citric Acid, Dextrose, Vitamins (Thiamine Hydrochloride, Niacin Supplement, Inositol, Vitamin E Supplement, Riboflavin Supplement, Vitamin B-12 Supplement, Calcium Pantothenate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Vitamin A Supplement, Vitamin D-3 Supplement), Corn Oil, Natural Flavor, Sorbic Acid (Preservative), Xanthan Gum, Red 40, Methylparaben (Preservative).  Only $5.99

Looking To Help Your Horse Stay Focused? Calm & Cool Will Do The Job!
Between the bright lights and the towing trailers, there’s plenty to get worked up about. Calm & Cool products are designed to keep stress from taking over. Calm & Cool Paste provides a source of the essential amino acid L-Tryptophan along with a unique herbal blend that is great for use prior to stressful events. Calm & Cool Pellets contain herbs and vitamins to provide a daily ration during show season. Now, take a load off and relax.

Note: When competing, always be familiar with applicable association guidelines. Calm & Cool paste and pellets contain herbs such as valerian root that may be disallowed in certain events. The pellets do not contain added L-Tryptophan.

Looking For a Performance/ Focus Paste That Will NOT Test?
There are a few different ways to handle stress. Show Horse 2 provides two applications of the essential amino acid L-Tryptophan along with Magnesium and Vitamin B-6 to improve its effectiveness. Designed to fit the guidelines of various associations, herbs such as valerian root have been left out.   

Ingredients : Water, L-Tryptophan, Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate, Vegetable Oil, Sorbic Acid (Preservative), Xanthan Gum, Natural Flavor, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B-6), Red 40 
 Only $9.99      

OralX Brands Offers Premium Pastes at Economic Prices!
Whether you're off to the races or packing your saddle bag for a trail ride we've got what your companion needs to stay on top. OralX Brand ingredients are natural, effective and absolute quality… our pricing is affordable so that every horse can enjoy the benefits our pastes have to offer. Make sure YOUR horse has the oral pastes that are right for him or her and ORDER today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
P.O. Box 12100
Ogden, Utah 84112
Phone: (801) 731-4050
Website: Click Here To Connect

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