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PopUp Towing Products by Young's Welding, Inc.
PopUp Towing Products offers "Straight", "Offset" or "Cushion Ride" Gooseneck Couplers to keep your horses secure on the road!

About PopUp Towing Products by Young’s Welding Inc. 

PopUp Towing Products is a trusted manufacturer of high quality towing products located in Southeast Kansas and is a sister company to Young’s Welding Inc.. Young’s Welding was established in 1934, third generation steel fabrication company. Approaching 90 years of service to a variety of industry partners throughout the United States. As a subsidiary of Young’s Welding Inc., PopUp Towing Products offers 5th wheel and gooseneck towing products. PopUp offers products throughout the United States and Canada. PopUp Towing Products are all made in America, the company is located in Chanute Kansas.


Is It True That PopUP Towing Products Have Couplers To Help My Short Bed Truck? 

YES! Hauling a Gooseneck Trailer with a short bed truck can present many opportunities for that gooseneck to tap right into the back of your cab— at the very least it is scary and at the worst it can have terrible consequences! Our offset couplers are designed to increase the distance/clearance between the truck and trailer.  There are some trucks that have very short beds. An example are the mega cab pickup trucks. Somehave 6’ or even as short as 5.5’ beds. The longest “Short Bed" series offset coupler we manufacture is 16” of offset. This is done for safety and to keep the coupler from hitting the inside fender welds when turning. It is always important to get out and look when in any tight maneuvering situation.  The weight on our "Short Bed", offset, couplers is transferred directly onto the hitch ball. Just as if it is a straight gooseneck coupler. If you have a short bed truck, you honestly can’t be without it! 


What Size Is A “Short Bed”? 

Any truck that has a bed shorter than 8’ is considered a short bed! That means that the front of your Gooseneck COULD crash right into the rear of your cab in turns or stops! You MUST have a good COUPLER (fortunately we make the BEST!).  We offer offset Shortbed  Couplers with, 6”,9”, 12” & 16” offsets to keep you, and your trailer, SAFE!


So… Which Coupler Is Best For My Short bed Truck?

PopUp's “Short Bed" series of couplers are designed to increase the clearance between the cab of the truck and nose of the trailer.  We offer offset Shortbed  couplers with, 6”,9”, 12” & 16” offsets. There are several factors that help determine the best coupler for a short bed pickup truck. First off, any truck that has a bed shorter than 8’ is considered a short bed. The configuration of the nose of the trailer is a consideration. Some trailers are wide and square at the front, some angle back or are “clipped” and some have rounded fronts. The clipped front and rounded front trailers don’t require as much offset as a wide square nosed trailer.

If I Have a ShortBed Truck or Regular Bed Sized Truck, What Do I Need? 

The CC2 is a straight, gooseneck coupler with a 4” round tube with a simple cushion and internal dampening sleeve. The cushion reduces the chucking and bucking on the trailer and tow vehicle by 59% over a rigid gooseneck coupler. The testing is called “G-Force” testing. There a several sensors placed on the tow vehicle and trailer that measure the movement of both. The sensors convert the bumps and jolts to thousands of data points. (Video above)
After interpretation of the data points using several different densities of cushioning we determined that the current cushion improved the ride significantly while providing a reasonable amount of durability. 


Are ALL Couplers “Self Latching” So I Don’t Have To Crawl Into The Truck Bed?

Yes and that is a HUGE, convenience and selling feature of our products! All PopUp gooseneck couplers have a self-latching coupler. You never have to get in the bed to hook or unhook your trailer. PopUp offers 4” round tube, 4” square tube and 4 ½” square tubes on their straight and offset couplers.This can be a gooseneck hitch most of which are under the bed and attached to the frame of the light duty truck. Most are available to fit half ton (F150), ¾ ton (F250), 1 ton (F350) and even 1 ½ ton (F450) light to medium duty trucks. 


A receiver hitch is mounted to the frame under the back bumper. It is designed to accept a “ball mount”, or hitch ball. The receiver hitch come in a wide variety of weight ratings/classes. They can be installed on cars & SUV’s as well as light duty to heavy duty trucks. PopUp doesn’t manufacture receiver hitches or ball mounts.


 Which Coupler Is Best For My F350, F250 (or comparable) Truck?

The make, model and year of your pickup truck doesn’t matter as much as the length of the bed. If you have a gooseneck hitch we like the PopUp GN (Gooseneck) series of straight couplers for longer bed trucks and the “Short Bed" series of offset couplers for short bed trucks. All are equipped with the PopUp self-latching coupler so you never have to climb in the bed to hook and unhook the trailer!


Will The Experts at PopUp Help Me Know WHICH Coupler To Get?

YES! We know exactly what questions to ask to help us both determin the RIGHT Coupler for your specific needs and truck! Our PopUp, Short Bed series of couplers are designed to increase the clearance between the cab of the truck and nose of the trailer. SB stands for short bed. We offer offset (SB) couplers with, 6”,9”, 12” & 16” offsets. There are several factorsthat help determine the best coupler for a short bed pickup truck. Some trailers are wide and square at the front, some angle back or are “clipped” and some have rounded fronts. The clipped front and rounded front trailers don’t require as much offset as a wide square nosed trailer… so CALL US and we will HELP YOU know WHICH coupler to get!


OK… Do I Need Both A Hitch and A Coupler?

These are important questions and can be a bit confusing at first, so we are happy to help! A hitch is the part that is attached to the chassis of your tow vehicle. The coupler is attached to the trailer and connects with the hitch to tow your trailer safely. 


What Kind Of Couplers Are Available For My Gooseneck Horse Trailer? 

PopUp offers 3 kind:


Straight Gooseneck Couplers (for those with an 8’ bed or more)


Offset Gooseneck Couplers (for those with a Short Bed under 8’)  


Cushion Ride Gooseneck Couplersfor those who want the smoothest ride possible for their horses. 


What Is A Kingpin? 

A Kingpin is used when pulling with a 5th wheel hitch. The 5th wheel on a commercial semi is a large plate mounted to the frame of the truck that has “jaws” or a bar that locks a standard 2” diameter steel pin mounted on the trailer on to the tow vehicle. Most 5th wheel recreational vehicles (RV) have a pin box mounted to the frame of the trailer with the heavy 2” steel kingpin mounted to a skid plate on the front of the RV. Most 5thwheel RV’s are light weight enough that they don’t require a heavy commercial 5th wheel plate. Most 5th wheel trailers are under 20,000 pounds and a light duty hitch will be enough. 


Does PopUp Hitch Make A Kingpin For My Gooseneck? 

YES! At PopUp we manufacture Kingpins that are designed to replace a typical gooseneck coupler so you can tow with a 5th wheel hitch. 


Can A Kingpin Help Me With A Smoother Ride? 

YES. Many people really like the quality of “ride" they get with a kingpin on their trailer and 5th wheel hitch in the truck. The PopUp GN5 Kingpin is one of the best selling parts that we manufacture. 


How Do I Know What I Need For MY Coupler?
The make, model & year of the truck doesn’t have as much to do with what coupler a customer needs as much as the length of the bed and the design of the trailer being towed. If a customer has a short bed truck they might need to look at the SB series. If they have a full length, 8’ bed they are most likely going to be looking at the straight couplers or kingpins.


What If I Have a LARGE SemiTruck- Living Quarters Trailer? 

ET Air Ride 5th Wheel Hitch is your answer. This is a unique hitch designed for use with semi-tractor heavy living quarter horse trailers or RV’s. The hitch is NOT designed for light duty trucks, (like the F150,F250,F350, or even the F450) It has air bags under the 5th wheel coupler head or hitch ball like the Stan Ayers pics. The ET will work with trailers that are up to 40,000 pounds with vertical tongue weight up to 9,000 pounds. The hitch almost completely eliminates the chucking and bucking of the trailer. The ET reduces stress on horses because it offers a first in class ride. There are several models that we can work with a customer to get the best possible ride. The staff at PopUp are happy to help match the hitch to the trailer and load they are pulling. 

Trust The Staff At PopUp Trailers To Help You Today!

Absolutely! Our knowlegable staff knows just what questions to ask, and we’ll be thorough in ensuring that you get just the right Towing Products for your Gooseneck! We’re here to help and get you on the road with a safe and dependable towing set up that you and your horses can enjoy for years to come! Call today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
4330 South Johnson Road
Chanute, Kansas 620-431-9196
Phone: 620-431-9196
Website: Click Here To Connect

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